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Franchise Opportunities

Interested In Owning a Collision 1 Franchise? 

With more than 30 years in the Auto Body Industry, the Collision 1 Brand is widely recognized to represent quality and stability in the Auto Body industry. Collision 1 operates as a Legal Franchise in Washington State in the auto body repair business for the purpose of bringing independent auto body operators together as a solid front of strength and solidarity. Collision 1 understands that existing within every community there are organized successful independent Auto Body Operators’, who have built a name for themselves, enjoy local market share, maintain fine reputations and have solid relationships with their local community as well as venders and insurance companies. And although in their own right, are successful they may not enjoy some of the benefits and protection of what larger multi shop operators or franchise groups appreciate.  Collision 1 stands behind and endorses the idea of individuality and independence while drawing on the strength of many and simultaneously pursuing excellence and professionalism from the group. Collision 1 exists for auto body shop owners to keep and preserve what they have built by locking arms with the best in the business behind one of the strongest and well-respected brand names in the industry. 

Whether you want to open a new store, convert your existing store or explore the possibility of taking over an existing store, Collision 1 offers many opportunities to help make your dream a reality!

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